Assoc. Prof. Austen Ganley, Ph.D

Assoc. Prof. Austen Ganley, Ph.D

David Lindhold

UI Designer


(Experimental evolution DNA) Biology Sciences. Faculty opf Sciences, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

All session by David Lindhold


07:30 AM

Opening Ceremony

08:00 AM

Keynote Speech

08:30 AM

Plenary Lecture I

09:00 AM

Plenary Lecture II

12:30 PM

Break & Lunch

13:00 PM

Parallel Oral Presentation

14:00 PM


07:30 AM

Workshop on Scientific Writing (Journal and Book)

08:30 AM

Plenary Lecture III

10:00 AM

Exhibition & Poster Session

11:00 AM

Parallel Presentation 3

01:00 PM

Exibithion & Poster Session

03:00 PM
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